The new Video SK is the most compact Steadicam available in the market. Designed for lightweight professional camcorders, the Video SK is the perfect production tool for videographers who desire Hollywood effects, but don't have the extravagance of a Hollywood budget. It is an ideal Steadicam for cable TV, small production companies, educational videos and industrial videographers.

The new Video SK has been both improved and upgraded for 1995. A new reinforced monitor housing and monitor bracket have been added, as well as a modified and much improved arm design providing better battery clearance. Maximum camera weight capacity has also been increased to 19 pounds, allowing for a greater range of compatibility with professional video cameras.

The Video SK is lightweight, weighing a mere 22 pounds, and easily fits in the trunk of a car. It comes equipped with a bright 3.5 inch monochrome monitor, a 27 inch single action Iso-Elastic arm and is compatible with Anton/Bauer, NP-1 and PAG batteries. It is easy to use and requires minimal workshop training.

The Video SK is the perfect production tool for the 90's and offers creative possibilities and flexibility that has never existed for videographers before.

Product Specifications...

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